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History of the Marines

Defending the New Republic

Explore the first century of the Marine Corps from the creation at a tavern in Philadelphia by members of the Continental Congress through the combat actions of Marines on both sides of the American Civil War.

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Global Expeditions

First to Fight follows the Marines into Latin America and across the Pacific to the Far East as part of the expansion of American interests.

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World War I

World War I dwarfed in size and horror any previous overseas war fought by the United States. Visitors "hear all about it" first-hand from a newsboy hawking his papers on a city street.

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World War II

America entered WWII on 7 December 1941 against a formidable opponent. The gallery showcases the gripping story of the Pacific campaigns.

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The Korean War

Explore the “forgotten war” in Korea. Coming only five years after the end of World War II, the Korean War marked a watershed for the Marine Corps and saw the first use of USMC helicopters and jet powered aircraft in combat.

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The Vietnam War

The Marine Corps fought in Vietnam from 1965 through 1975 – longer than in any other conflict. Explore close combat, small moments of compassion on the field of battle & other significant contributions made by Marines.

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The Marines

Past, Present & Future

National Museum of the Marine Corps preserves and exhibits the material history of the U.S. Marine Corps, honors the commitment, accomplishments, and sacrifices of Marines.

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Explore the National Museum of the Marine Corps collection. Immerse yourself in years of history and access hundreds of artifacts and records.


Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

The Foundation preserves and promulgates the history, traditions and culture of the Marine Corps and educates all Americans in its virtues. The Foundation seeks financial support to continuously expand programs at the Museum and beyond its walls.

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